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Ein Herz mit den ukrainischen Farben.

Web-based app and emergency counseling for refugees from Ukraine

Цей сайт також доступний українською, російською, та німецькою мовами. Ви можете використовувати меню, що розкривається у правому верхньому куті для обирання мови.

Many refugees experience traumatic and stressful events in their home country, during their migration and/or in the first few months in the host country, which can lead to psychological impairments. In the transit and host countries, however, there are often gaps in psychiatric, psychotherapeutic and psychosocial care.

New communication media such as web-based applications offer unique health care services because they can be used cost effectively and independently of location. These low-threshold support services can contribute to the stabilization of slightly stressed people and preventively counteract a possible worsening and/or chronification of the symptoms in seriously ill people in a culture-sensitive manner.

As part of the project "Web-based App and Emergency Counseling for Refugees from Ukraine", a low-threshold service for refugees from Ukraine is being developed at the Charité, within the framework of which psychoeducational content about the underlying mechanisms of the development and maintenance of mental problems as well as easy-to-use exercises for coping with stress will be developed and provided in a culturally sensitive manner. Furthermore, a video and an acute consultation hour for refugees from Ukraine is offered. All developed contents are or will be shortly available in Ukrainian, Russian, English and German and reviewed in terms of the so called “participatory approach” by Ukrainian and/or Russian speakers from the refugee community. The project is funded by the Charité Foundation.

If you have any questions, suggestions or need psychological support, please do not hesitate to contact us:

Emergency: In an acute crisis, please contact one of the psychosocial emergency help numbers in Berlin.